The 8th Asian Particle Technology Symposium
Oct. 11(Mon) - 14(Thu),
2021, Osaka, Japan

On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially welcome you to participate in the 8th Asian Particle Technology Symposium (APT 2021) to be held in Osaka, Japan from 11 October - 14 October, 2021 at Osaka International Convention Center. The theme of the symposium is "Challenges for the new era". We are expecting the lively and active discussions on the cutting edge technology, revolutionary idea, innovated methods, new solutions and fundamental theories, which can open the door of a new technology era. The symposium also provides academic and engineers in all over the world including Asia Pacific countries to learn and share their expertise and knowledge in particle technology. During the symposium, POWTEX OSAKA 2021, which is one of the biggest exhibition in particle technology and engineering, will be held. We will provide the free ticket and shuttle bus service as one of the exclusion programs. We look forward to seeing you all in APT 2021.

Prof. Satoru Watano
Osaka Prefecture University
Chair of APT2021

Recent Updates

  • APT2021 has finished successfully with 403 participants from 14 regions/countries and 317 papers were presented in total (oral and poster).
  • The recorded videos of plenary and invited lectures were uploaded to YouTube. The attendees can access them via Limited to Attendees page. These videos will be available until the end of November, 2021.
  • We sincerely appreciate for your contribution to APT2021.
  • We have changed presentation schedule on the second day (October 12, Wed).
    We switched the plenary speeches of Prof. Aibing Yu and Prof. Atsushi Tsutsumi.
    The rearranged program on the second day (October 12) is as follows;
    Hall C (Tuesday 12 October)
    • Plenary 3 (8:45-9:30) Prof. Aibing Yu (Chair: Y. Shirakawa)
    • Plenary 4 (9:30-10:15) Prof. Atsushi Tsutsumi (Chair: M. Fuji)
  • The proceedings of APT2021 was revised. Please download the revised proceedings from limited page.
  • Limited page is now opened. To access the proceedings and URL for virtual symposium, please go to the "Limited to Attendees" from side menu. ID/password have been presented via email to all attendees.
  • If you have emergence/unexpected troubles for online sessions, please contact the following emergency phone call: +81-80-7298-9757
  • Considering the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and in order to protect the health and safety of attendees, we have decided that poster session will be held only by on-line (virtually). Oral presentations will be held by hybrid (on-site and on-line) as scheduled. Please check the page of "Information for Attendees".
  • Information for attendees is updated.
  • The final program of APT2021 is available in the "Symposium Program" page. Please confirm your final presentation schedule.
  • The proceedings will be posted in the "Limited to Attendees" page. Also, URL of On-line zoom symposium will be posted in this page. The access of the page is limited to attendees.
    Authentication key required to enter this page will be sent to attendees via email later.
  • The tentative program of APT2021 is available. Please confirm your presentation schedule.
  • (Important!!) We have decided to change the conference venue from Osaka International Conference Center to Congrès Convention Center (Grand Front Osaka), since Japanese government decided to use the Osaka International Conference Center as large-scale vaccination center until the end of November.
  • APT2021 will be held by "Hybrid style (both onsite and online)." Please click a new banner of "Information for Attendees" on the left side of this page. Important information for presenters and attendees is indicated.
  • (Important!!) Speakers must pay their registration fee no later than July 31. The speakers who have completed their payment will be listed on the conference program.
  • We don’t request further submission for speakers. We will make conference proceedings based on the one page abstract.
  • Dead line for early bird registration is extended to July 31.
  • Dead line for abstract submission as been extended to April 30.
  • Acceptance notice and dead line for early bird registration have been also extended.
  • All the awards welcome whether on-line or on-site presentations. In other words, review process of the awards will not distinguish presentation styles (on-line or on-site) in poster and oral presentations.
  • Considering the COVID-19 situation, APT2021 will be held by "Hybrid style (on-site and on-line)".
  • Abstract submission begins on January 15, 2021.
  • APT2021 will establish "Excellent Poster Award" for students who will make a poster presentation at APT2021. Students who will submit the abstract via online will automatically become the candidate of the excellent award. During the symposium, the award winner(s) will be given the certificate and cash for the supplementary prize.
  • APT2021 will establish "Young KONA Award" sponsored by Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation. Young scientist who is not over 40 years old (i.e. must be before his or her 41st birthday) at the time of abstract submission and will make an oral presentation at the symposium will be the candidate of the award. Those who wish to be the candidate, please check the "Young KONA Award" among the topics list in addition to the presentation topics.
    During the symposium, the award winner(s) will be given the certificate and cash (100,000 JPY) for the supplementary prize.